5 Reasons Iron City is the Place to Host Your Next Charity Event

5 Reasons Iron City is the Place to Host Your Next Charity Event

There are several factors that go into choosing a venue for your charity event. You want your special event to go smoothly, look great, and leave a lasting, impactful impression on your supporters. We understand that, and we deliver. See 5 reasons why Iron City is the perfect place to host your next charity event!


1. Open layout

One of the best features of Iron City is our open layout and multiple levels. No matter where you are in the venue, you have a great view of the action. This feature is great for non-profit events because guests can enjoy a live band, keep an eye on the competition during a silent auction and have a great view for a live auction.

With more than 100 seats in our mezzanine level, there are plenty of options to offer VIP seating or a premium experience for sponsors.

The small stage in the front of the venue is great for a photo booth or step and repeat banner.


2. Location, location, location!

Iron City has an ideal location for nonprofit events, being centrally located in downtown Birmingham. Having a central location can really help boost event attendance, especially for those after work events.


3. The best in sound and lighting

Being a music venue, Iron City has phenomenal sound and lighting capabilities. When doing a presentation, showing a video, or asking your crowd to donate, sound quality is key!

We also have a huge HD screen that drops down on the stage, which is perfect for a slide show, video, or sponsor recognition.  It can also be used as a banner overhead of a band!

Our lobby area features 5 television screens that work great for photos, messaging to the crowd, and sponsor logos.

Don’t forget to consider the importance of lighting, as well. At Iron City we offer spotlights for the auction, stage lighting for a band or speaker and colorful up lighting to add to the atmosphere.

If your event has a great band or DJ and the guests come to boogie down, this is the ONLY place to be!

Photo by Blake Hobbs


4. Advertising power

Have we mentioned that Iron City is happy to help you promote the event? We are always happy to add your event and ticketing information to the calendar on our website. This benefit also allows you to be featured as an upcoming event in several of our email blasts. We are also always excited to do a couple posts on social media to our 75,000+ followers.


5. We give back

We will always support the organizations that support us. We are happy to offer a gift basket full of concert tickets, a Grill at Iron City gift certificate and some Iron City swag to all of the non-profit events hosted here. We appreciate our partnerships!